They have a worm screw that rotates on its own axis, thus moving the materials towards the discharge.


Manufactured in carbon steel and stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316

Adaptable to installation needs

Installation does not require civil works or large spaces

High durability, resistant to rust and corrosion

No clogging or obstructions

High transport capacity


Screw Compactor

Compact equipment that performs several functions in the process of eliminating solids from urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, minimising their moisture content and volume.

Special application in the treatment of solids from screening and roughing processes, helping to achieve greater dryness in the output waste.

Conveyor Screw

For the movement of waste. Can be horizontal or with inclinations of up to 25º.

Sand classifier

It is composed of a sand trap made of GRP or stainless steel and a hollow shaft screw that collects and transports the solids, achieving a 97% grit removal rate.

High efficiency in E.D.A.R. of discharges with a high sand content, for example, in potato and beet processing.

Channel Conveyor Screen

Screening, conveying and compacting of heterogeneous solids in a single unit. Equipped with a perforated mesh screen at the water inlet for greater filtration. Variable inclination up to 35º.

Suitable for urban wastewater, agricultural industries and agri-food industries.

Compact Pretreatment Plant

Compact wastewater pre-treatment unit that integrates a TTC and a DA in a single unit, thus carrying out several processes: roughing, desanding and degreasing.
Highly efficient equipment for wastewater pre-treatment.

Mixer Conveyor Screw

They have a high mixing capacity, as they have a double internal mixer system.