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The range of dosing equipment consists of five different models

Models of dosing equipment

High water flows

Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant

Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant

Preparation, maturation and dosing of polymer powder

The PAP of Toro Equipment is an equipment formed by a main tank of rectangular shape made of GRP where the preparation and maturation of the polymer powder is carried out, with an upper nozzle for manoeuvre and a lower one for drainage. It has an agitator. The polyelectrolyte is dosed into the hopper, which is made of stainless steel.

Automatic Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Emulsifier Plant

Preparation, maturation and dosing of polymer powder.

It facilitates sludge treatment making sludge dewatering more cost effective and efficient.

Toro Equipment’s Sludge Conditioning Tank (TAF) is a vertical cylindrical GRP tank that allows the chemical conditioning of sludge, facilitating filtration or decantation processes.

Once the sludge has been pre-treated, it can be dewatered by means of a Filter Press.

Completely standardised and ready to assemble.

Manufactured in GRP. This material makes them more resistant to corrosion and more durable than conventional ones.

These wall display cases can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Material details:

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