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With capacities of up to 12,535 m³ and a maximum height of 11m


Modular storage and water treatment tanks

Plate models

Versatile solutions on short lead times

Models of covers

Aerial view of the tank

Elevation view of the tank


Conical 15º / 45º


How it works?


Flex molding

This manufacturing process applies cutting-edge technology in the composite materials sector.
Flex Molding has a number of advantages over traditional laminating and infusion processes:


Options and extras

Welded GRP flange

Single flange

Double flange


SBR-1900 settling kit

Stirrer brackets

Degassing hopper

Stainless steel/GPR tube bracket

Acess window in stirrers

GRP floor

SBR settling<=90m³

Fastening system for gasometer and membranes

Acess window in stirrers

Acess window in stirrers


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Sectors of application

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