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29.09.2016 | Toro Equipment new member of the Spanish Association of Desalination and Water Reuse

AEDyR was created in 1998 after the successful IDA Congress held in Madrid in 1997. This association intends to gather all individuals, companies and organizations dealing with desalination and water reuse in Spain. Toro Equipment manufacturer of water and wastewater equipment industries, is already a member of AEDyR. Its aim to help and contribute with […] Read More

20.09.2016 | Toro Equipment presents the new Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant PAP-1000

Toro Equipment launches the new Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant PAP-1000 manufactured in stainless steel. Description: The new machine is made up of three chambers, one of mixed, other of maturation and a third that already includes the mature polyelectrolyte and optimal for use. It has double helix to favour mixing of polyelectrolyte. It has displays that […] Read More