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For transport, dosing and caking of different types of waste. Worm screws. Defender® They have a worm screw that rotates on its own axis, thus moving the materials towards the discharge.–fv7A Advantage Manufactured in carbon steel and stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. Adaptable to installation needs. Installation


Dosage equipment

Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plants, Sludge Conditioning Tanks, Dosing Pump Cabinets. Automatic Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Emulsifier Plant The installation of the Automatic Polyelectrolyte Plant is indispensable for dosing chemicals in wastewater treatment. They are used for flocculation of solid particles in all types of wastewater, industrial and urban wastewater. These plants allow the preparation (mixing with water),


Pre-assembled Plants

Pre-assembled plants for wastewater treatment custom designed and delivered ready for commissioning Pre-assembled Plants Containerised Plants Pre-assembled plants for wastewater treatment custom designed and delivered ready for commissioning. They can be quickly connected, relocated and commissioned anywhere in the world within specified electrical regulations. Advantages Requires a small space.



Settling of mineral and biological solids Clarifiers Defender® W-Tank® Settling is a solid-liquid separation process commonly used in water treatment. Static clarifiers are specially designed for biological processes such as secondary sedimentation. However, lamella clarifiers are designed for the separation of inorganic solids, usually in primary sedimentation. The function


Modular Tanks

With capacities of up to 12,535 m³ and a maximum height of 11m Modular GRP tanks. W-Tank® Modular storage and water treatment tanks manufactured by Toro Equipment in glass composite. The ideal solution in logistically challenging environments or with space and time constraints that require lightweight and versatile solutions on



High-performance screens for solid-liquid separation in wastewater pretreatment Rotatory screens. Defender® Rotary screens are pre-treatment equipment used to separate solid waste from clean water through a filter drum. This drum can be either screen or perforated depending on the type of solids to be treated. New! TR SMART® We


Filter Press

Effective sludge dehydration achieving high dryness Filters Press. Draco® Toro Equipment’s sludge dewatering equipment, manufactured in our facilities, is a good alternative for the treatment of waste from both urban and industrial wastewater treatment processes. The high dryness of the cakes achieved allows the waste to be managed as solids,


Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

High-efficiency equipment for physicochemical treatments Dissolved Air Flotation Anaconda® Allows the separation of solid particles from liquids using advanced FADAR® flotation technology (high-performance dissolved air flotation). Thanks to the advanced FADAR® technology, our equipment produces a stream of air microbubbles that adhere to the flocs, raising them to the surface


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