W-Tank® receive the recognition of Aquatech Mexico

W-Tank®, made by Toro Equipment, has been recognized in Aquatech Mexico Latam Awards

W-Tank®, manufactured by Toro Equipment, has recibed the recognition of Aquatech Mexico, the Rai Amsterdam Convention Centre and the event producer company E. J. Krause Tarsus from México in the first edition of LATAM Awards. The modular bolted storage tank made in GRP is nowadays the biggest plastic tank in the world.

W-Tank® is the achievement of a desire: the possibility to install a tank everywhere in the world in a fast and simple way regardless of logistic, time or spatial restrictions. Modular design and lightness of GRP (glassfiber reinforced plastic) mean important savings in the installation regarding time and costs -economic, personnel, mounting facilities, transport…-.

Corrosion resistance, durability, versatility and the outstanding mechanical and chemical properties of this modular bolted storage tank have allowed Toro Equipment to install Digesters, Storage & Settling Tanks in the 5 continents. Nowadays there are W-Tank® references around the world in places as diverse as Costa Rica, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, France, Turkey the inaccessible jungle of Indonesia, the Dubai desert or the cold Russian steppe.

GRP properties make W-Tank® the ideal storage tank to acids (leachates, mining industry), to water with high salinity content (seawater, canning industry), to halogens -usual in drinkable water treatment (fluoride, chlorine, iodine)-, to oils, to basic compounds… Furthermore, each plate can be thermally insulated with PUR foam to turn W-Tank® into a Digester with a high isulation walls that can work with specific pressures depending on customer requirements.

This recognition is an important boost to Toro Equipment team, which keeps on working to develop innovative solutions in water treatment field.

You can find more information and references about W-Tank®, modular bolted storage tank in www.w-tank.com

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