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Training day in Toro Equipment
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26 Oct 2018  /  by admin   /   0 Comments

Training and versatility of employees, keys for Toro Equipment

Toro Equipment continues giving value to employees training and delivering tools and knowledge. The training of enterprise members is a vital field in Toro Equipment. In this case, the Production Group have received a training course on industrial bending machine in the premises of Polígono La Mora.

The training activity has been to know how the bending machine has to be used. It has been provided by Juan María Vallejo, Lathe Operator at Toro Equipment, who has been working as specialist of this tools (milling machine, electrical shear, lathe or bending machine) for more than 4 years in this company.

The industrial bending machine is used to shape metal pieces, specially made of stainless steel AISI 304 and 316. These folds and shapes features the machine the required form and can reinforce structures designed by previous studies. This has a huge importance in the case of equipment that are used to treat large flow rates and in consequence, they support heavy loads.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay

— Henry Ford

The training actions strengthen professional and personal development and enhance the communication between work team members. Furthermore, training promotes work safety and reduces occupational accidents. Moreover, the acquisition of knowledge, skills and capabilities empowers employees to assume responsibilities, to take decisions and to solve problems. As a whole, the formation supposes improving the efficiency of the processes and the motivation of the employees.

Advantages of training

At company level the training increases the quality of the products, reinforces the corporate identity and improves the competitiveness and the profitability of the company. Additionally, it increases the commitment and the feeling of belonging to the company what reverberates in a reduction of the stress and in a more satisfied workgroup.

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