Filters Press

Effective sludge dehydration achieving high dryness.

Filters Press


Toro Equipment’s sludge dewatering equipment, manufactured in our facilities, is a good alternative for the treatment of waste from both urban and industrial wastewater treatment processes.

The high dryness of the cakes achieved allows the waste to be managed as solids, considerably reducing waste management costs.


  • Draco® Filter Presses achieve greater dryness, reducing the cost of managing the sludge generated.
  • Easily transportable sludge. Problems such as liquid overflow in the containers are avoided.
  • Sludge can be stacked once dewatered. The high degree of dryness facilitates sludge management, composting and logistics.
  • Total reliability 24 hours a day. Unattended operation thanks to the cake shaking system.
  • Low process water consumption.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • No need for greasing.
  • 100% automated cycle operation.
  • Precise control of actual sludge production.
  • Fairings that favour more hygienic atmospheres than rotating systems.
  • The sludge only comes into contact with the air at the moment of opening.
  • Possibility to filter sludge directly from the biological reactor without thickeners.
  • Filtration below 10 μ.
  • Guaranteed flow rate in cycles longer than 24 hours.
  • Low investment and high reliability.
  • High drainage capacity filter press.
  • Fast cycles.
  • Robust operation.
  • Closed execution. The material does not come into contact with the chassis.
  • Chassis in stainless steel or GRP infused in isophthalic resin or vinylester with high structural and corrosion resistance.
  • Special filter plates.


The range of filter press consists of five different models

Extend the life of your equipment with materials manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.

All machines, regardless of model and size, are characterised by:

  • Manufactured in stainless steel St 37-2, AISI 304 and GRP.
  • Epoxy paint surface finish to protect them from possible corrosion.
automatic filter presses
Automatic Filter Press

Maximum filter area:
1.5m² to 132.3m².

Maximum number of plates:
5 to 35

Plate size:
470mm to 1500mm

  • Complete automatic sludge dewatering cycle.
  • It has an automatic cake shaking system.



  • Override option with the installation of different taps.
  • Allows easy inspection of the quality of the filtered liquid.
  • Allows quick location of damaged/broken fabric.



telas toro equipment

In order to obtain maximum performance from the equipment, each filter press incorporates the most suitable filter cloth for each specific application:

  • Standard fabrics.
  • Non-drip frame fabrics.
  • Fabrics for watertight plates.
  • Special fabrics for aggregate treatment.
  • Fabrics for other specific treatments.


skid de fangos toro equipment
  • Automatic polyelectrolyte plant
  • Sludge conditioning tank
  • Flocculator
  • Soda dosing machine
  • Polyelectrolyte dispenser
  • Firefighter sludge to filter press



  • Wastewater
  • Wastewater for reuse
  • Stone
  • Aggregates
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Antibiotics
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Chemicals

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